Online Trade

Online Trade- uTrade

uTrade simply means "You Trade". It is our online trading platform that allows you to BUY and SELL shares at the convenience of your homes, offices and on the go, using your hand-held devices.

This product gives you real-time access to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in a way that allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they come up. It puts you at the driver’s seat of your trading activities on the NSE.
To take advantage of this opportunity, simply:
a. Click the uTrade or Clients’ logon on the home page
b. Provide your user name and password and click "ok"
c. Click on "BUY" botton to buy shares and/or "SELL" botton to sell shares

In addition to buy and selling of shares the platform also allows you to:
a. View your stockbroking statement of account
b. View market news
c. Fund your account
d. Send instruction to our front desk officers to update your information with us

For further enquiry on this product, kindly call 014539017 or email us through "leave a message"